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Are you getting this objection over and over?

Published 7 months ago • 3 min read

Let's tackle the common objection: "Let's push this off until next year."

In this episode of 'How to Sell', we chat about how to manage objections, avoid coming across as pushy, and the importance of the discovery process in overcoming sales objections.

At the end of this 18-minute episode, you'll be armed with key takeaways and actionable insights to help you navigate sales objections like a pro.

Recognize the Challenges of Selling During the Holiday Season:

Selling during the holiday season can be challenging as people’s priorities shift and they become more preoccupied with personal obligations.

Stay Calm and Seek Understanding:

When faced with objections or requests for deferral, it’s important not to panic.

You are the facilitator, and there’s no need to rush decision-making.

Avoid responding right away, as that may come across as dismissive or pushy.

Seek to understand the concerns or underlying issues causing the objection by asking clarifying questions.

Use the Discovery Process to Your Advantage:

Execute a thorough discovery process to uncover key information, such as project timelines and priorities.

Understanding the buyer’s desired outcome and deadlines allows you to address objections more effectively.

Ask questions early on about the timeline, project priorities, and how the initiative aligns with the executive team’s goals.

Agree and Validate the Concern:

When objections arise, acknowledge and validate the buyer’s concern to build rapport and trust.

Respond with empathy and understanding, showing that you respect their perspective.

Consider the Impact of Delay:

Use the information gathered during the discovery process to pose a thoughtful and considered question about the impact of deferring the decision.

Ask how the delay might affect the achievement of their goals, the project’s success, or other critical factors.

By making the buyer think about the larger repercussions, you help them assess whether deferral is truly in their best interest.

Facilitate Open Communication and Collaboration:

Instead of pushing your agenda, become a facilitator of the decision-making process.

Establish open communication channels where buyers can share their concerns, questions, and objections in a structured manner.

Try something different, like a shared Google doc, to address their questions and provide prompt responses.

Avoid Creating Tension:

Strive to create a positive sales experience by avoiding tactics that may cause tension or resistance.

Be mindful of the tone, pace, and approach when addressing objections.

Consider using audio or video formats to convey empathy and build rapport, especially in written communication.

Don’t Rely on a Single Deal:

Avoid placing all your hopes on a single deal by keeping a healthy pipeline of opportunities.

Diversify your sales efforts to ensure that you have multiple prospects and deals in progress.

This reduces the pressure to rush any particular deal and allows for a more patient and effective sales approach.

Wrapping Up

Overcoming sales objections is a crucial skill for sales professionals.

Remember to stay calm, seek understanding, and leverage the discovery process to uncover crucial information.

By facilitating open communication and adopting a collaborative approach, you can address objections with empathy and provide the necessary insights to secure more deals.

Happy selling!

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